Do Camera Lenses Go Bad Or Degrade Over Time?

Pentax Weather Resistant Lens

Have you ever looked at one of your favorite camera lenses, the one that’s captured countless memories and breathtaking scenes, and wondered if it’s still as sharp and pristine as the day you first cradled it in your hands?  It’s a question that’s crossed my mind more than a few times: Do camera lenses go … Read more

Can Heat Damage a Camera Lens? How Hot Is Too Hot?

Camera On Fire

If you’re like me, you’ve probably taken your camera on countless adventures, from sun-soaked beaches to scorching desert landscapes. But have you ever paused to wonder, “Can this blazing sun harm my precious lens?”  I’ve had my fair share of sunlit shoots, and trust me, the heat can be more than just a challenge for … Read more

Why Camera Lenses Are Round, But Pictures Are Rectangular?

Canon R series with RF24-200 lens anatomy

The circular design of camera lenses juxtaposed against the predominantly rectangular format of photographs. This contrast isn’t a mere design quirk but is deeply rooted in the physics of optics, historical practices, and practical necessities. Why are images square? Camera lenses are round due to optical design, ensuring even light distribution and minimizing aberrations. Images … Read more

Binoculars Vs Camera Lens: What’s The Difference?

Nikon Binoculars and Camera

Two of the most commonly used optical devices are binoculars and camera lenses. But how do they differ? At first glance, binoculars and camera lenses might seem similar. Both are designed to bring distant objects closer to the viewer’s eye. However, their mechanisms and purposes are pretty distinct. What is the difference between a camera … Read more

Best Humidity For Camera Lenses & How To Protect Camera From Humidity

Wet Fujifilm Lens

Moisture is a formidable foe of photography and sensitive equipment storage. The delicate balance of maintaining optimal humidity levels is paramount, not just for the preservation of the equipment but also for its performance.  What is the best humidity for camera lenses? The best humidity level for storing camera lenses and other photographic equipment is … Read more

Vintage Lenses Vs. Modern Lenses: Are Old Camera Lenses Worth Anything?

Vintage Lenses

In an era dominated by cutting-edge technology and the relentless pursuit of perfection, a growing community of filmmakers and photographers is turning their gaze back in time, seeking the charm of yesteryears.  So, are old camera lenses worth anything? Old camera lenses can be valuable, especially if they’re from renowned brands or have unique characteristics. … Read more

Are Camera Lenses Concave or Convex? (What’s The Difference?)

Canon R series with RF24-200 lens anatomy

The lens serves as the eye of the camera, capturing light and crafting it into images. Camera lenses are marvels of optical engineering, comprising intricate arrangements of individual lens elements.  One of the most fundamental distinctions in optics is between concave and convex lenses, each bending light in its distinctive way. When we look at … Read more

The Cost of Quality: Why Are Camera Lenses So Expensive?

Canon Lens Anatomy

In the world of photography, the camera lens is arguably one of the most important components, as it significantly impacts the final image quality. Even with their importance, many photographers wonder why some camera lenses are so expensive.  Camera lenses are expensive due to the high-quality materials used, the precision and complexity of the manufacturing … Read more

Are Camera Lenses Waterproof?

Wet Fujifilm Lens

Photographers often find themselves facing the elements, capturing stunning images in various weather conditions. One crucial question that arises when venturing into the great outdoors is whether camera lenses are waterproof.  In general, camera lenses are not waterproof. Most lenses are designed to handle light rain or moisture to some extent, with some being weather-sealed … Read more