About Josh

In a nutshell, I am the luckiest man on the planet! Some would say I am really spoiled and can talk my way into getting whatever I want. Well, I did convince the most beautiful girl on the planet to be my wife. We’ve been married since June 3, 2000 and I have literally been on cloud nine ever since she said “yes” to letting me be her husband. Then, for whatever reason, I was able to get the Lord to bless me with the most awesome kiddos I could ever imagine. Really! You’d be hard pressed to find cooler kids than mine. Elijah (17), Isaac (15), and Gabriella (13) bring me more joy than Dirk Nowitzki used to give on “game day.” And of course, I can’t forget our beautiful Great Dane, Hazel.

But it doesn’t really end there. I come from a pretty awesome family with a really great Jewish heritage. I get the opportunity to serve on the staff of one of the best churches in the world with one of the most people-loving pastors you’d ever meet. I also am blessed to live in the greatest nation on earth. I guess if we are being honest, the thing that I have most to be thankful for is that I serve the King above all kings and the Lord above all lords, Jesus Christ. He loved me so much that He gave His life so that I could be set free from sin. He did all of this for me even though I didn’t deserve it in the least bit. He actually made a way for me to be able to go to heaven. So if I’m really gonna sum up “who I am,” I’m a guy that is indebted to the Lord a debt that I could never pay back. My only choice is to commit my every moment to Him. My life is not my own. Because of this, I can truly say that I am blessed beyond measure. There is no other life on this planet that is as awesome as one who has the life of Christ living in it and through it. So, you see, I can honestly say with confidence that I truly am the luckiest guy on earth. The cool thing is that there is room at the top for you too. All you gotta do is ask the Lord to be the Lord over your life also.